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Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is the antidote to the hectic pace and stresses of modern life. You will learn to cultivate supportive breathing techniques. Yoga teaches us to remain grounded and breath through struggle, boost your concentration and focus and have fun while doing it! You will leave class feeling refreshed and relaxed and that you have worked and opened the body.

At Village Yoga, we provide in-studio Yoga classes in Ballyneety, Co. Limerick, where you can learn the practice of Yoga as part of a group. This can also be done online giving you more flexibility on your Yoga journey with us.

Check out the timetable – there is a class to suit everyone!


Level 1 – Gentle
Stretch n’ Flex

Level 1 Yoga for beginners is suitable for those just entering the world of Yoga or for those days where you might feel like a slower paced gentle yoga class. You will be both standing and seated on the floor during the class. You can take this class at your own pace. Improving your flexibility, your posture and balance.

This is a great place to start learning all of the Hatha yoga poses and the various parts to the famous yoga sun salutations and some of the building blocks to great Vinyasa flows. We encourage the use of props in all classes. There is an emphasis on alignment. You will learn to sync movement and breath to cultivate supportive breathing habits on and off the mat! Oh, don’t forget the time for a guided relaxation at class end. We are sure you will leave class feeling more relaxed open and grounded.


Level 2 –
Vinyasa Flow

Ideally, you will have completed 6 classes of Yoga Level 1 classes as there will be less explanation of the postures in this class. We warm up with standing sequences build to a crescendo and warm down and make our way to the floor for seated flows with twists.

We end with a 5-7 minute guided relaxation to cool down and give the body a chance to absorb all the benefits of the practice sending you floating home.


Chair Yoga

Our popular chair yoga class is for all ages and is popular with our senior community and corporate clients for yoga at the desk. We practice stretching and toning all the muscles head to toe while relieving tension in the body. We practice supportive breathwork and mindfulness which works to relieve stress. Join this welcoming group where you take the class at your own pace. We will do most of the class seated and some standing exercises which are optional and practised near a chair.

 In-Studio Yoga Classes

Yoga in Limerick

Currently, we offer in-studio Yoga classes for beginners Wednesdays at 7 pm, and at 8 pm for advanced levels. 

Looking for a place to learn Yoga in Limerick as part of a welcoming group environment? Village Yoga’s studio based in Ballyneety offers in-studio Pilates classes for both beginners and advanced levels of Pilates. 

Online Yoga Classes

We also offer Online Yoga classes offering you a flexible way to keep active, from right at home! 

Currently, we offer online Yoga classes for beginners every Wednesday at 7 pm and Thursday at 7 am for a sunrise Yoga session.

Pilates for Groups

Group Bookings

Village Yoga frequently works with organisations and companies to help their members introduce more movement into their lives.

We have worked with local sports teams and corporate clients offering a fun and relaxing day of body movement and exercise.

Why not tailor a session or workshop specially made for your group? See our Workshops and Retreats currently available for some inspiration! There is also the opportunity to incorporate other activities such as hill walking or cycling into your outing

For group booking enquiries, email Sinead at

Why Yoga

Stretch your muscles and stay mobile
-Yoga is not just for the flexible.

If you want to improve your flexibility and mobility, yoga is a great place to start. Yoga is very beneficial for Athletes and those working with injuries. If you haven’t been active for a while or you just want to feel good in your body, give yoga a try. We have different classes ranging from slow and gentle to dynamic and faster paced.


What Our Clients Are Saying

“I really enjoy my classes with Sinead. She is a very passionate, patient and relaxed teacher who creates a welcoming and fun learning environment catering for all age groups and abilities. Time truly well spent”

Lucy Barry

“I am delighted to recommend village yoga in Ballyneety. Sinead is a wonderful instructor and makes everybody young & old feel welcome and at ease. I always leave the classes feeling relaxed in body & mind. I would encourage anybody to give yoga a try…”

Alison Lane

“I have been attending Pilates with Sinead at Village Yoga Limerick since it began 18 months ago . Sinead is a highly knowledgeable Pilates instructor who is always positive and encouraging. She adapts each lesson to meet the individual needs of the class participants so that everyone is challenged to reach their own potential. As well as enjoying the physical and mental benefits of Pilates at Village Yoga Limerick, I also look forward to the fun Sinead brings to each class with her bubbly personality!”

Jennifer Lane

Review of Healing massage

“I am still to date feeling the benefits of this massage 3 weeks on. If I was to rate this treatment with Sinead I would have to rate it as the best energetic as well as massage treatment I have ever had. I’ve had a lot of energy treatments as well as a lot of massage treatments and this was hands down the best EVER. I will most definitely be calling on Sinead to be my go to therapist for treatments from now. Highly impressed.  Highly recommend. 5 stars” 

Brenda Chung

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