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Benefits of Pilates

Pilates will safely and systematically exercise all the muscles groups in the body, the weak and the strong. It combines the flexibility of yoga with the strength building of the gym to help maintain a healthy body. Having a regular Pilates practice will help you gain a stronger leaner toned body. Pilates has been described as a ‘thinking way of moving’. Pilates is a great way to get strong and to prevent injury. Classic Pilates programmes are recommended for rehabilitation and to support recovery from back injury and back pain. We will work on strengthening the deep muscles of the body and your core. Pilates is a valuable and necessary addition to your regular fitness regime.


Level 1 – Strength and Conditioning Foundations

This level is suitable for beginners and improvers and maintaining strength. You will learn and be guided through the principles of Pilates and supportive breath patterns. You will learn all of the classic Pilates mat exercises and sequences. These will be weight bearing and resistance exercises. Here we tone and build muscles and sculpt the body and we work on strengthening the abdominal muscles, the obliques and transversus. This is a mat class and you will need to be able to come up and down to the floor. We will use some light equipment.


Level 2 – Body Sculpt

To join this class you will have completed at least 8 weeks of the Level 1 foundations class. This class will work at a faster pace incorporating all of the exercises you learned in Level 1 with more advanced options and dynamic flows. You will work up a sweat and work hard. We will use equipment and there will be standing lying down and seated postures.


What Our Clients Are Saying

“I really enjoy my classes with Sinead. She is a very passionate, patient and relaxed teacher who creates a welcoming and fun learning environment catering for all age groups and abilities. Time truly well spent”

Lucy Barry

“I am delighted to recommend village yoga in Ballyneety. Sinead is a wonderful instructor and makes everybody young & old feel welcome and at ease. I always leave the classes feeling relaxed in body & mind. I would encourage anybody to give yoga a try…”

Alison Lane

“I have been attending Pilates with Sinead at Village Yoga Limerick since it began 18 months ago . Sinead is a highly knowledgeable Pilates instructor who is always positive and encouraging. She adapts each lesson to meet the individual needs of the class participants so that everyone is challenged to reach their own potential. As well as enjoying the physical and mental benefits of Pilates at Village Yoga Limerick, I also look forward to the fun Sinead brings to each class with her bubbly personality!”

Jennifer Lane

Review of Healing massage

“I am still to date feeling the benefits of this massage 3 weeks on. If I was to rate this treatment with Sinead I would have to rate it as the best energetic as well as massage treatment I have ever had. I’ve had a lot of energy treatments as well as a lot of massage treatments and this was hands down the best EVER. I will most definitely be calling on Sinead to be my go to therapist for treatments from now. Highly impressed.  Highly recommend. 5 stars” 

Brenda Chung

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