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Employee Wellness Packages

Corporate Classes, Desk Yoga & Team building

Bespoke Employee Wellness Packages

Work with us to design the best employee wellness package suited to your team.

Hold a once off team building yoga retreat or have your team jump on Zoom for a weekly/bi-weekly yoga or pilates class.

We also offer in person corporate yoga sessions on your site or in our local studio in Ballyneety, just 10 minutes outside Limerick City!

Benefits of Workplace Yoga

While working in a pressured enviroment we can begin to experience physical ailments such as muscular pain and other physical and mental ill ease.

As well as physical effects, we also can experience stress and anxiety depending on the role we are in.

Introducing Yoga & Meditation into your work week can help improve both physical and mental balance by introducing stretches and movements to help the body recover & strengthen while also giving you the time and space to relax your mind. Yoga and Pilates can improve your posture, flexibility, and even your productivity at work!

Services we can offer your team:

  • Wellness Workshops
  • Employee Wellness Days
  • Wellness/Fitness/Nutrition Talks
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Team Building sessions
  • Weekly/Monthly Corporate Yoga Sessions (in-person or online)

Want to bring Yoga Pilates or Nutrition Workshops to your School or Business?

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